How Problems with Your Back Can Cause Pain and Other Problems in Other Parts of Your Body

I had pain in my hands, but it was caused by my back. Some people cannot imagine how problems in other parts of your body can be related to what is going on in your back. All you have to do is think about how people get paralyzed. An upper back injury in the vertebrae of the neck can paralyze a person from the neck down. I go to my Bakersfield chiropractor to get relief from pain in my hands caused by my back.

Thinking about spinal injuries, a cervical spine injury can even cause victims to have to be put on ventilators to allow them to breathe. Chris Reeves, who played Superman years ago, was injured in an accident when he fell from a horse. He was athletic and in an instant got put in a wheelchair and on a ventilator. A Pittsburgh Steelers football player was paralyzed after one play. Your spine sends and receives signals to control everything from moving your legs to breathing. If a break or other serious injury can paralyze you, then why can’t inflammation and irritation to nerves in your back that are constantly under stress or pressure cause pain or other things in your body?

My upper back hurt a lot. Depending on how I moved or held my shoulders, I could cause the feeling in my hands to act like the limbs were going to sleep. You know, when you lay on your arm all night and it loses feeling. I could cause that to happen in less than a minute depending on how I moved or how my posture was. It was awful. It hurt a lot. My Bakersfield chiropractor would help me out to keep me working. I did not like to take medications, and chiropractic kept me off the pain pills.